What is Technology Really Doing to Us?

The very first A first interesting article by the New York Times called “Technology is Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say” explains the damage that is actually occurring due to technology in terms of the education process. Teachers are finding that students are becoming too reliant on the internet and get easily frustrated when the answers are not found at their fingertips. Teachers are also finding that it is hampering students’ attention spans as well as getting in the way of helping them figure things out during challenging tasks. The way students use think and strategize then versus now is much more different and that is an important thing we should all be made aware of.

Another article published by Purdue University, explains how much technology is greatly benefiting society as a whole by giving us more access to information more than ever before. The article also mentions the importance of how technology is allowing us to have better communication and connections, especially in the classroom. Today technology enables different forms of communication and collaborations for students. The advancement of technology is helping students excel overall in the classroom.



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