How Far Can Technology Take Us?

In modern world we see technology rapidly evolving day by day. Things we may have not utilized just about a year ago, we now use in everyday life today. People will say that technology can take us very far, however are there any limits to this? In terms of the future of technology advancing, there are many different aspects to take into consideration. One aspect I recently looked into was personalized assistants. These assistant/assistants identify to be a software agent that can perform specific tasks or services for any individual. They have the ability to organize and maintain information.This includes the management of emails, calendar events, and to do lists. Personal assistants are capable of providing information based on your voice commands. Research shows that as of 2017 the capabilities these assistants have are expanding rapidly. The personalized assistants work through text, specifically instant messaging. They also work really well with voice, think of Amazon Alexa on the Amazon echo device or even Siri on an iPhone as prime examples. Some of personalized assistants are accessible through methods like Google Assistant to help individuals do exactly what they want. As of 2018, people are debating which one of these current personal assistants is the best. Personally, I do not think there is an exact way to determine the best personal assistant, simply because they can all serve different purposes in which different people will beneficial or non beneficial. The study I looked at determined that Google Assistant is currently the best personal assistant. This was simply because it not only answers the most questions, but more importantly it answers the most number of questions correctly. Personal assistants are overall a great benefit to many people all over the world. They have become something that thousands of people are using everyday on a daily basis. This can make us question just how far they will go in helping assist individuals. Will there be a point where they can answer our emails for us without us telling them promptly what to say? Or will they be able to answer our phone calls for us when we are too busy? It is truly amazing to see just how far technology has come with all this, and it makes me even more excited to see just how far technology will continue to go with all this.

Here at the bottom are two articles I found to be very interesting and informing in just how much technology has advanced in such rapid time.

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