Amazing Alternative Apps

In our modern day world, our privacy is constantly in a question. With that being said, it is always a worry for all of us. Through this digital activity I was able to explore some very interesting and fascinating apps. The very first video I watched called “Privacy Please” mentioned an encryption program abbreviated “GPG” which was significant for confidentiality, authenticity, and trust while being active online. The video explains how when we are online how do we know the person we are talking to online is who they say they are? Or how do we know if the environment we are active in is private enough? The solution to this is Gnu Privacy Guard. This encryption program ensures authenticity by using signatures online so we are able to trust more, It ensures two way authentication so we know exactly who is really communicating with us and this is done by using a key pair and fingerprinting.  As for confidentiality, it is guaranteed through the use of encryption. GPG is a multi purpose program that helps expose who we really are and makes using the web much more safe. If you want to prove your own authentication and feel private online GPG is the right tool for you to use. Followed by watching this video I read a guide called “How to Facebook.” This guide was interesting to me because I am currently not active on Facebook. The guide went through exactly how to make Facebook, step by step, and how use it in a way that will keep an individual private and safe. However, Facebook does get monitored by numerous governments , including our very own U.S. government. This is something I personally think more people active on Facebook should be made more aware of. A nice tip I thought the guide gave was when setting up a Facebook account, to avoid using your public or work-related email to avoid possible adversaries from finding you. The last thing I viewed was a very neat and new tool called “Signal.” Signal  is free and worldwide encrypted phone calls for iPhone as well as Androids.  Signal is able to use your already existing number and help show which of your personal contacts are reachable through Signal. Signal will be a private voice and text communication platform for both iPhones and Androids. I honestly loved this digital activity because it helped me explore many new ways of being safer online and exposed me to just how many different kinds of amazing programs are constantly being made to help us in staying active online yet being safe.



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